The Paintings of Edward Hopper

edited by Gail Levin

This volume reproduces all of Hopper’s 366 oil paintings. Published in association with the Whitney Museum of Art.

The Watercolors of Edward Hopper

edited by Gail Levin

This book reproduces all of Hopper’s 357 watercolor paintings. Published in association with the Whitney Museum of Art.

Hopper’s Places

by Gail Levin

“A rare opportunity to ponder how Hopper made the ordinary extraordinary. … To compare photographs of unmemorable structures with the saturate, intensely lighted paintings (most from private collections) is to see how realism is much more than mere depiction. Gail Levin, the former curator of the Edward Hopper collection at the Whitney Museum of American Art, has done an invaluable service in this book.” –New York Times Book Review

Edward Hopper: An Intimate Biography

by Gail Levin

“A nearly flawless account of a remarkable artist. … It is a compelling and accessible narrative for anyone even remotely interested in modern American art. It is also virtually a clinical case study of a certain kind of marriage. … Hopper is now fortunate to have such a generous biography.” –New York Times Book Review

Edward Hopper: The Art and the Artist

by Gail Levin

“First published to accompany the Hopper show at the Whitney Museum in 1980, this beautiful companion book is now being reprinted in response to expanding interest in Hopper’s work. 280 full-color and over 150 black-and-white illustrations.” –Ingram Books

Edward Hopper

by Lloyd Goodrich

“‘For all his realism, Hopper was essentially a poet,’ writes Goodrich, and this sumptuous album, a reissue of an out-of-print 1970 monograph, is an incomparable guide to understanding that poetry. Hopper (1882-1967) gravitated to painting lunch counters, nudes in hotel rooms, lighthouses, gas stations, rooftops — underappreciated, nakedly honest figurations of America’s heartland. A prophet of loneliness, this laconic individualist captured the anarchy of American cities, the quiet melancholy of small towns and suburbs. Paradoxically, his pictures have a restorative, bracing effect — perhaps, as is suggested here, because of Hopper’s emotional attachment to his native environment. The late Goodrich was director of the Whitney Museum in New York and a friend of the artist, whose own comments are interspersed with a refreshingly readable text and more than 200 full-page plates.” –Publishers Weekly


by Mark Strand

“Strand’s perceptions are intuitive and visceral. I recommend this strange and wonderful book to anyone interested in Hopper’s work.” –Justin Spring, Artforum

Edward Hopper and the American Imagination

edited by Deborah Lyons

A collection of Edward Hopper’s most important paintings and original stories and poems by prominent contemporary writers. This volume includes fifty-nine of Hopper’s most important works in full color, as well as original works by thirteen renowned fiction writers and poets that pay homage to, or make reference to, the ways in which Hopper pictured our world. The contributors include Paul Auster, Anne Beattie, Tess Gallagher, Thom Gunn, John Hollander, William Kennedy, Galway Kinnell, Ann Lauterbach, Norman Mailer, Leonard Michaels, Walter Mosley, Grace Paley, and James Salter.

Edward Hopper Essentials

by Justin Spring

“This book, one of the Essentials series of art books that offer the reader a quick and easy grounding in the work of a single artist, is also a surprisingly deep work thanks to the author. Spring can take a marriage like Edward and Jo Hopper’s, which other writers have viewed as monumentally dysfunctional, and find what was good and enduring in it. He has a perfect grasp of Hopper’s beauty as well as his strangeness, his voyeurism and his insistence on privacy, his asceticism, his love of culture, and his wanderlust. Spring also gives readers telling glimpses of scores of famous paintings, such as Nighthawks and A Woman in the Sun. … This is an excellent introduction to the art and the artist.” –Peggy Moorman

Hopper Drawings: 44 Works from the Permanent Collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art (Dover Art Library)

“I own a lot of Dover art series books. They are excellent books for beginning artists in that they show how the old masters did their early works using different media. Much can be learned from the Dover art books in the use of subject, form, and shading. The Hopper Drawings is one of my favorite Dover art books.” –Amazon Reviewer “artlover10”

The Lining of Our Souls: Excursions into Selected Paintings of Edward Hopper

by Rolando Perez

“The Lining Of Our Souls: Excursions Into Selected Paintings Of Edward Hopper is an impressive and memorable work by Rolando Perez whose short literary vignettes enhance a showcasing of selected paintings of American artist Edward Hopper which are reproduced in full color. Perez weaves a brief prose vignette story about each work, fleshing out motives and mysteries hidden within the canvas. The art focuses largely on ordinary people doing everyday things and living their lives, making the mundane memorable in unforgettable brush strokes. The Lining Of Our Souls is very highly recommended reading, especially for admirers of Edward Hopper’s artwork and Rolando Perez’s literary talents.” –Midwest Book Review