While SEO providers look at page optimization as a science, it is in fact a sort of website promotion.

Processing websites is both an art and a science. People who are able to grasp this idea and implement it are aware of the wonders it does. Those who are not aware of this can surely learn a lot from this article. Listed below are the 5 things that would make search engines most likely think twice about your site.

Having different content from what you are advocating is a big no. Although your keywords might bring you a good rank, you should remember that search engines also include a small clip of the content when they post the search list. Now people might be able to see your title but when they see that the content is not what they expected, they’ll just skip your link and won’t even bother clicking it.

Gone are the days when page ranking depended on keyword occurrences. Nowadays, if you present your keyword too often, chances are the search engine would skip your content and move on to others. Search engines are already configured so well that having too many keywords is a bad thing. On the other hand, having few keywords is also not good. The content should be balanced in a sense that there is a good number of keywords placed strategically so as not to disrupt the real message of the site. As a publisher, you should know how to approach both the needs of the readers and the needs of the search engine.

While it is common knowledge that a picture is worth a thousand words, a search engine thinks otherwise. Search engines will definitely demand a title and caption. That is where they look for keywords. Once they find out a certain image has neither, they don’t crawl over it.

You should be ashamed if you make an error here. No really, the title is very important since it is the first thing search engines crawl. The title itself should be interesting, interesting enough for the reader to want to click it. It should encompass what your entire website is all about. Lying to get attention is not advised as you are bound to get reported. Also, try to have unique titles for each section of your website.

Next to the title in level of importance is the header. The header tag is what we use to highlight important points or mark a new section. If it fits, by all means, put a keyword in your header tags. Most often than not, designers think that header tags are mainly used for enlarging text. While that is indeed true, the more important thing is that this section is crawled by the search engine as well.

These are but a few of the many things you need to consider when you are planning to get more traffic to your website. Just by avoiding these things, your content is one step closer to the top of the search list.

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