After I had the toddler I started posting on mothering message boards. I was the first in my close group of friends to have a kid and I think they are pretty far of from taking the plunge into poop diapers. Even though all my friends are amazing with the toddler, I still needed to talk to a group of women who were going threw the same things I were in this crazy ride that we call parenting. I have made some amazing friends threw the on-line mommy communtity and found out tons of infermation that I would have never known. One of the things that was shared was

blog. If you have never read his blog, grab a box of tissues and go. You will cry, you will laugh, you will google hipster bands, and then you will cry some more (probably because you googled hipster bands). He started the blog way back in the day to chronicle his travels, then took it back up when his wife, Liz ,was in the hospital on bed rest with their daughter Maddie. He kept blogging after Liz’s death and has been a huge source of support for parents who have lost their partners (be it husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, same sex partner). He started the

to help these people in any way that he can financially. If you would like to make donations or know of anyone who could benefit from the

services please click the link.

Now onto my thoughts….

The man can effing write y’all. I won’t lie, I was glad he didn’t write it in the same form that he does his blog. Maybe it’s because I am getting older but my eyes have a hard time reading that. Glasses, I know, I need them. He was brutally honest with his feelings and emotions and what he went threw internally while Liz was on bed-rest, as she was dying, and days, weeks and months after she died. The emotion that he puts out to you is real, and it is raw. You will read this book and sob a long with him, but then you too will take strength from his daughter Maddie. This book isn’t just about all the sad stuff. It is also about a man, raising a little girl on his own. He tells about the people who are probably judging him because he has a beard, old flannel and beat up shoes carrying around this adorable baby girl and what they must think. The people who would find it hard to believe that a man would be out with his infant daughter by himself or the people that would just ask where her mother was. I tried to think what I would think if I saw a situation like that (man alone with kiddo) honestly, I don’t think I would notice. I just don’t really notice much of anything though. I am kinda like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, all I care about is food. If he was holding a cupcake I would notice.

He also talks about his travels in the book, going to different parts of Mexico and the details that he give make you think you are there. He talks a lot about Minnesota but I didn’t really try to feel like I was there (sorry Minnesota people). I would honestly like to see him write about his travels, I am sure he will write a book about writing this book because I know he went over seas to write it.

I wish he would have had pictures in the book, I like to put faces with names if it’s a real life story. Of course if you look at his blog you can see everything right there.

Yes, I did check with some friends that had read the book before I bought it in case there were pictures. There are no pictures or foot notes so you would be fine to get it on your e-reader.

I give this one 5 starts. I have followed his blog for so long, and loved the book so much how can I not. I mean when your only complaint is the lack of pictures?

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