Top mobile marketing secrets are revealed! Have you wondered how people make money with mobile marketing? Would you like to cash in on the growing widespread use of mobile marketing? Whether you are fully engaged with mobile marketing, you no doubt have seen its heady growth over the years. And the great thing is that mobile marketing is still in its infancy.

I was fortunate to win the original i-Phone during a sales contest at work back in 2007. I gave it to my beautiful wife for Christmas. It’s transformed her life as well as many others. Whenever I email her at home, she responds with a message ending with “Sent from my i-Phone” even though we have a desktop and a laptop at home! She said “it’s just easier”


Whenever she’s out with our children, she’s always sending photos and videos from her phone. I don’t even know where our digital camera is anymore. When she went out shopping with her girlfriends for Black Friday, she would actually buy items from her phone for pick-up in the store while she was waiting outside at 4am for the doors to open.

Of course, she opts-in for all sorts of deals from any retailer. Just like Saturday, she received a text from the spa that she frequents with an offer stating “One Hour Massage – Spot Opened Up From 4-5pm. Only $29 For 1st Person Who Replies” She responded, but she wasn’t quick enough to get the deal. People are more apt to open up a text message than an email message (email has so much spam nowadays). It’s permission-based marketing which requires an opt-in. Retailers usually offer an incentive (ie. $10 off your next purchase of $25) to get you to sign up for the text messages. Per law, you can opt-out by sending “STOP” to the retailer to get off their list.

Speaking of deals, Groupon has a technology which allows it to serve up people deals based on their GPS. There are many companies like Amazon and Ebay which generate more than $1 billion dollars per year from mobile commerce.

The future of mobile marketing for many countries can be found in other countries like Japan. My brother has been living in Japan for years. He’s fluent in Japanese and is engaged to a Japanese lady. When I last visited him, he paid with his groceries with his cell phone. And he bought a soda from a vending machine with his cell phone. If we lose our cell phones, we’re lost with it because of all the applications. If he loses his cell phone, he has lost his wallet too!

Starbucks has tested out several locations here in the States where you can buy your Frappacinno with your cell phone. Mobile payments is a very lucrative space where many companies are looking to become the leader.

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