There are several types of job you can do as a teenager at home during your extra time. You may find it hard to get a job without any skill or experience. But don’t worry, in this article you will find some of the great online jobs for 14 years olds that can be done with minimal skill.


1. Writing Jobs

Probably the most flexible job for teenagers is freelance writing job. You usually do a lot of writing for academic or other purposes. Then you can do it for others and make money by doing that. Initially you will pay around $5 for an article and you can increase your hourly rate as you gather experience and become familiar with many topics. Select your desire section of writing from creative, technical, blog and others. Then select a site to find your job.

There are lots of sites that are offering online writing jobs. Most renowned and trustworthy online market place is oDesk and Elance.

2. Marketing Jobs

Like the real life business environment, online business also needs to do some promotional activities. Online marketing is big enough sector. Fortunately you don’t have to be a marketing professional or degree holder. Online marketing is mainly centered on Social media, Search Engine and email marketing. You can serve on a narrow path of any field of the above although there are several fields of online marketing. You will also find these jobs on Odesk or elance with lots of categories. Marketing job can be one of the best online jobs for 14 years olds considering payment.

3. Personal Assistance

Personal assistance or virtual assistance can be one of the easy going online jobs for 14 year olds to start and continue. The main duty of personal assistance or virtual assistance is doing personal or other easy task of an employer who always pass busy time and you are doing his low value task. For instance if he or she is running a blog, your duty may do some research with his given instruction or just posting articles on his blog regularly on schedule.

4. Data entry

As you are 14, you may not have any particular skill (if you are expert on anything, jump to the next job category) without basic typing and computer operation. Data entry is for sure your best online job in this situation. This job doesn’t need any expertise without typing or composing.

5. Others Skilled Jobs

If you are creative or have some skill like designing, photo editing, programming or app development then you can really rock for online jobs as 14 years olds among other teen. The first thing you need to do is discovering yourself; find out one single thing that you are experienced on and most importantly passionate about. Then do some further learning on your skill and make it serviceable for the marketplace. Then make the things happen.

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