Eyes can be your best look enhancing ornament if you take care of them well. There are different kinds of eye make ups that you can use today to make your self look and feel better but eye care is a must.

Save the make ups but if you do not take care of your eyes and your bright vision, your eyes won’t sparkle and show your light! Eyes are the windows to the soul they say! Here are six hot tips through which you can experience better eye care:

1. Use natural ingredients like aloe vera gel or coconut oil to use as hydrating gel or oil for your eye area. The area around your eye is one of the softest parts of your body. The skin in many times thinner compared to the skin on other parts of your body. So taking care of this part is a must. If you do not want to look older than your age then these are little things that must be taken care of.

2. In case of eye infection or inflammation, put a drop immediately. Cold rose water when splashed may be good for you but there are herbal eye drops that really help you clean your eyes from any bacteria. There may also be a fair chance of spreading infection if you are not careful. So make sure that you put eye drops and then consult a physician if you show signs like inflammation. Conjunctivitis can be a sore problem and give nerve damage even, if you ignore it.

3. If you have dark circles or if you wish to protect your eyes from harsh glare of light and stress then you must understand that there is nothing to beat it than the effects of 8 hours of proper sleep and tons of water. This will get you rid of dark circles and will also help you looking fresh and young.

4. It is essential to wear sunglasses when you are out in the summer. It is of course important to protect your eyes from the harsh effects of the strong sun. So wearing sun glasses not only looks good but also protects your eyes in the best ways!

5. Cucumber or cucumber water as well as grated potatoes and almond oil are great for soothing the eye area. They help your eyes to relax as well as keep them fresh looking. If you apply them you will notice how much more beautiful and fresh your eyes look!

6. Be sure to take high vitamin A food. These include pumpkin, squashes, yams, carrots, mangoes, cantaloupe, dairy, eggs and fish. Some of these should be in your diet everyday to give you great eye sight and eye strength for keeps. The effect of nutrition on eyes cannot really be argued upon.

These are some of the basic eye care tips that you can use to get the best results for taking care of your eyes. If you have itchy or swelling eyes then you can always use an infusion of dried leaves and flowers like agrimony leaves to reduce the swelling and burning. There are always great options to give infusions through marigold leaves or chamomile leaves as well. Soaked chamomile tea is really good for the eyes and great to bathe the eyes when you are stressed.

Marigiold flowers make a weak tea and when used with cotton pad for compression will really help soothe tired eyes. If you do not have nerve strain or anything then you will be glad to apply ice as a pack on your eyes. Just keep it for ten minutes after wrapping it in a towel. But if you have severe eye problems for over two days then you must check in with an ophthalmologist.

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