Here is an excellent free technique for you building traffic to your website. Yes, everything that I will be telling you is free here. The only cost is your time. How dedicated do you want to be will determine your long-term success with traffic.

1. Open and establish your Google Adwords account. Just type in Google Adwords in the search and you will get to the login screen for Adwords.

2. Go to and create your account there. Be sure to fill in all the important information including your Resources. You will want to include your website link in the Resource section.

1. Login to Google Adwords and research a keyword in the broad mode. You will want to find keywords that do not have a lot of Adword Competition. This is simplified, but it is a good idea to have global searches to be between 5,000 and 60,000 or so.

The Adwords competition should be less than half. This spread and guide is not rock solid, but it will give you a good area to find specific or long tail keywords that you can rank much easier than highly competitive keywords and phrases.

2. With the Google Adwords results, pick a good keyword or keyword phrase that fits the criteria above. You can see my example from I tool that I use to help me sort through keywords. This is the nearly the same information Google Adwords has listed, so don’t worry about this tool.

Notice the total number of Global and Local Searches along with the Adwords popularity. As you can see, If it’s half or less for the Adwords popularity, it will be easier to rank with that word.

3. To do a little more research you can take the keyword phrase increase blog traffic in the broad phrase (no quotes) on Google and other search engines and see how many websites are using that phrase. Look at the top 5 or so and ask yourself why they are there. You can even go to the article and see what the date is when it was done to give you an idea of how old it is. I don’t try for the broad term since it is way too large.

4. Now take the same phrase “increase blog traffic” (with quotes) direct match and find all the websites that are using the exact phrase. There will be a lot less than a broad search, but it will not be as competitive as the broad search. As an example, You will want keywords that have less than 150,000 sites that have the exact match, but you could try if there are up to 200,000 sites.

5. Get a couple similar keywords or phrases from Google Instant Suggestions in Google Search and add them into the paragraphs as long as it sound natural and not stuffed with the keyword. You should use the keyword phrase every 100 words or so, but definitely in the Title of the document and within the first couple of sentences of your article.

6. Write your article and it should be between 500 and 800 words. Every now and then it’s okay to have between 350 and 500 words if you explained yourself well.

I have thousands of hits on my articles and many people have clicked on my “Resource” link that has my personal link bringing traffic to my site. The Click Through Rate (CTR) is about 5% on my resource page which is at the bottom of every article I post.

You can make up to three good Resources and you can use HTML and a good keyword for hyperlinking your blog or site.

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