All of us want to benchmark ourselves a notch higher on the ladder of success. If we are able to understand and apply some of these SEO tricks online then we can certainly do so in the virtual world. These tricks are tried and tested ones and they really do work.

Everyone who is on the World Wide Web knows that there are some efforts that can gain you great returns with the minimal internet marketing

efforts involved. And don’t we all crave for just that. But the trick lies in knowing and applying them.

The first thing that you need to ensure is that you have a site that suits and fits the bill. By that we mean that it should have an appropriate structure to it and fall within those norms. Also, one must of course use key words which will make your site visible to those who matter. Hence, you won’t just have stopper bys on your website but real potential customers who are looking for your products. There is a difference between window shopping and actually buying stuff.

The next thing that can help you to showcase your wares and site is by writing enough and more content. The more content you have online posted in different sites, forums and blogs more is the likelihood of your customers landing up there. Content should be such that it captures your visitor’s attention. It is at times the all differentiating factor between a sale and a no sale. The content should be as though someone is speaking to them rather than giving a sales spiel. Your content must be different from the rest and new.

Look at keywords carefully. They might be minuscule words but they are the key to success. Keywords if used in the title tags will get you customers at the doorstep of your website. More visitors will certainly ensure more sales and not to forget click of the mouse (word of mouth) publicity. The headings that you use on your website must be embedded with key-word rich headings. The number of keywords also matter. You must try and put the keyword in the first sentence. Usually, within the first twenty-five words is a safe bet for the keyword. The keyword shouldn’t be more than 5% of the density as otherwise your writing is going to sound stilted and the reader is going to have more keywords than material to go through.

Your website should be such that your visitors don’t need a particular kind of software loaded on to be able to view it. Make certain that they don’t need to have Java Script loaded. Moreover, when you are adding an image you must make certain that you have an ALT tag attached along with a description of the picture. This will help those who can’t view the picture well enough and the keywords will be embedded there. You must also try and submit your content to social media sites such as Digg and reddit. These will help your content to get ahead in the race to secure top position on the net.

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