If you’re a business owner or offer any kind of product or service and you want free web exposure, then starting a business blog should be on your list to do if you don’t already have one. “Blogging for business” is a common term used for people who want to market their product or service by writing blog posts.

Having a business blog is a great avenue of getting free online exposure. By writing keyword optimized article posts as well as properly optimizing your business blog site, you can attract web visitors searching for what you have to offer.

For example, imagine that you’re a chiropractor in the city of Boston. You’ve probably competing with other chiropractors in your area. So why not have a leg up on them by being able to be easily found on the web?

Did you know that 84% of people use the web as the primary tool for searching for local businesses? So by having a well optimized business blog, you can actually be found on page one of Google ranked for keywords such as “Boston Chiropractor” among other keyword related phrases.

Here are 5 tips to start your business blog:

1. Choose the right blog platform – Use WordPress.org and not wordpress.com or any of the other free platforms. It’s harder to optimize them and they are very limited to what you can do with them as far as design and functionality. It’s best to use WordPress.org and buy your domain name so you can have it hosted outside of the free platforms.

2. Choosing the right keywords – Be sure to research and select the proper keyword phrases for your article posts so they can be found on the web. When selecting keyword phrases, be sure to choose what are called “long tail’ and not “short tail” keywords. An example of a short tail keyword phrase would be “back pain” and a long tail example would be “how to alleviate lower back pain”. You’ll have a lot more hits because you’ll rank much higher with this phrase.

3. Write regularly – Be sure to write at least one post a week. Writing good quality content on a consistent basis is an important aspect of having a good business blog and being able to blog for business.

4. Optimize – Be sure to optimize your posts and business blog properly so it can be found on the web. Having good blog is worthless if it can’t be found.

5. Make sure your design is clean and appealing – You don’t need a fancy design or lots of bells and whistles on your business blog. As long as it’s clean, easy to navigate, laid out well and has an appealing color scheme, you’ll be just fine.

Starting and maintaining a business blog can be very rewarding and fun. So go ahead and get started. Remember that a business blog is not just for a business owner but for anyone who has something to market. They include sales professionals, attorneys, dentists, loan officers and just about anyone who has a service or product to offer.

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