Facebook ads have evolved greatly in recent years. Previously, companies used texts that did not 100% reflect the essence of the company and also added unprofessional, poor quality or blurry images. Fortunately this era is coming to an end!

Nowadays, the companies have tried a little more and have paid more attention to this tool. Now they focus on generating a lot of Facebook Ads that are creative and eye-catching for the users of this social network.

But, what techniques do companies use or what are the keys they need to create the best ad?

You must take into account that there are several types of Ads in this social network and you need to analyze which will be the one for you. There are those that appear in the timeline of users, those that appear in the sidebar on the right side of the page and the ads for the mobile version.

You also need to determine what is the main purpose of this Ad and what you are looking to advertise. Ask yourself simple things like Do I need to generate more traffic to my website? Do I want to get more Likes on the Fan Page? Or Do I want internet users to click to know more about the company?

By having this defined, you must begin to come up with the perfect ad. To help you and guide you on the right path, here are some tips for you to discover how to create creative Ads on Facebook.

Investigate the needs of your customers
Before you start creating Ads for Facebook , you need to research and find out what the needs of your customers are. This will help you discover where you need to focus and it will be easier to generate a strategy to convince people that your company can give them what they are looking for and need.

Be clear and direct
When you are thinking about the text that you will include, do not turn the subject around. Do not waste your space using words that will only confuse the user more. Be direct and try to shape your idea and captivate potential customers in a few words.

Talk about the benefits
Remember that in the market there are more companies that offer a product or service similar to yours and you need to have an advantage over them. It is necessary that in your ad you take advantage to show the users the benefits that they will get without getting to acquire your product. Make it striking and motivate people to acquire what you are offering.

Use the correct image
Look for the ideal image that represents and express in the best way what you want to communicate with your company. Remember that you must use an image that is striking, that impacts users and with the best resolution possible. Do not let your logo use all the available space in the image. Place it to one side and discreetly. Remember that the least they want to see the users, is a timeline full of logos that occupy all their space. Instead of drawing attention, it will frighten them.

Finally, we can say that this tool is constantly evolving. You must be innovative and very creative to be able to draw the attention of the people in this social network. Do not forget that creativity has no limits, it is only necessary to apply it in the right way to achieve your goals.

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