Being a business owner, I’m inundated with phone calls from companies, claiming to provide services for search engine optimization, online marketing and a whole list of other things. They often claim that they’ll be able to get my website to Google’s number one position. Hmm, I contemplate to myself. Do they even know where I’m listed in Google’s list? I ask them this question. They don’t respond! They try again by talking quickly about how they’ll be able to achieve that number one ranking. I ask them another question about what keywords they’ll be using. Still, nothing comes from their lips. I ask them one final question, which is, have they even checked where my website is ranked on the search engine? From there, I thank them for their time and hang up. Are they really any good in small business marketing or is just another search engine optimization scam being offered to me? I’ll go with the latter option for the online marketing technique.

Is there any business that can really make this guarantee? After all, knowledgeable and experienced SEO consultants don’t guarantee a number one search ranking even with the chosen keyword people would use to find the service I provide.

That’s their scam! These “scammers” tell you that they can guarantee your website Google’s number one spot for a minor fee with just a keyword they choose, not you. However, the keyword they choose will end up not being about your business. It’s simple to get to that number one spot using obscure keywords that nobody is looking for to find you. Does this do any good for you and the business? Not really!

The only time getting on the first page of search engines matters is when someone uses a keyword to find your service/product. Thus, research and talking to the business owner to learn what keywords are most effective are a priority to get that top ranking on search engines.

We’ll use my website “Wellness Rhythms” for a good example of how online marketing works. I’m a Network Spinal Analysis practitioner in the Denver, CO area. Say someone needs a chiropractor in the Denver area and wants someone who practices Network Spinal Analysis. They look through the Internet and use the keywords “Denver Network Spinal Analysis” or “Denver Chiropractor”. What they’ll find is my website on Google’s first page, usually one of the three first listings. A search of just “Denver chiropractor” gives a person over two million results. A search term of just “chiro” will not bring my website to Google’s first page, which is fine because nobody really searches for “chiro”. Sure, I can optimize my website to include it; but really, do I need to?

Researching keywords that are relevant to your website and ones that folks use to find the service/product you offer is a must. It’s going to take some time to utilize those keywords so your business and website can be found. Next, you’ll have to use white hat techniques and the keywords in conjunction to help bring your website to any search engine’s first page. The reality about business owners is this: most simply don’t have the time it takes or the online marketing skills it takes to get that top search engine ranking for their website. And, because of it, they miss out on increased traffic, which also means they miss out on profits.

If you believe an online marketing service sounds just too good to be true, it doesn’t hurt to delve a little deeper before you invest any money.

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