The Internet is too BIG

You may have a very excellent website that looks good and works great and runs fast. But it is just one site out of 324 million sites out there on the Internet and growing.

It is like a drop in an ocean. The chances of it being found is small. Many site owners overestimate the amount of traffic they hope to get. They are disappointed by the low number of visitors.

It is nothing personal. It is not because people don’t like your site. It is simply statistics. The Internet is way too big. One website out of 324 million is like, well, um, many times less than one percent of the whole Internet – 0.0000003% to be exact.

In any case, 324 million websites is more than the number of people in the United States. 324 million is larger than the number of people in both France and Germany combined. 324 million is more than all the people in the continent of Australia.

Granted, many of those 324 million are not active site. Nevertheless there are a good percentage of those 324 million sites that are just like you – wanting to show up on the first page of a web search result just as you do. They can not all fit on that first page. So competition is tough.

If people do not know your website address and it does show up in the first few pages of a search result, then people can not find it.

Sure, a few people will find your site simply by chance. After all, there are several hundred million searches performed on Google each day. Google is by far the most heavily used search engine taking more than 60% of the market share. The second place search engine Yahoo is not even close at 17% market share.

That is why search engine optimization experts focus on Google. Whatever Google does, other search engines follow anyways.

What search engine optimization experts do is to use their knowledge of Google’s search ranking behaviors to optimize your site to give you a little bit better chance of being found.

The Internet Has Too Many Words

Of course, on the Internet, there are some sites that are larger than others. A more accurate calculation is to compare the number of words on your site with the number of words that are out on the Internet. It has been estimated that the Internet has 100 trillion words. Take the number of words on your site and divide by 100 trillion and that is the percentage of your stake in the Internet.

This also implies that if you site has greater number of words; it will have a greater chance of being found. The more diverse the combination of word phrases, the greater the change of someone actually searching that word phrase combination.

Adding web content to a site on a regular basis is another technique of search engine optimization experts. They help you with seo content writing for your site and build more words on your site, and thereby increasing your chance of being found.

Needless to say, it is very time consuming to publish words out on the Internet and ideally you want to publish the words in certain combinations that are heavily searched by users. And that is why many site owners hire search-engine knowledgeable writers to publish content for them on a regular basis.

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