Whenever anyone thinks about BRAND, some popular companies like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Pepsi etc. come to his/her mind. However, Brand is not just a product or service what you are thinking. In making a brand, people often pledge their entire life without knowing the myth of BRANDING.

There are also some people who have made a brand within one or two years or even within 5-6 months. FYI, The Verge is one of the most popular blog out there, which covers tech news, gadgets, and entertainment and so on. The Verge is also a brand, which is live since 2011. On the other end, Coca-Cola is live since more than 125 years, which is also a brand.


Most of the people don’t know even the designation of brand. Believe me! Even I haven’t got any proper answer on Google as well.

Branding is not just having an attractive logo or corporate identity. Sometime people think that a website contains a logo (designed by the topmost logo designer in the world), a great layout and few paid stuffs are enough to make a brand. No, that is not. That is totally erroneous.

A brand is a place from where people get just quality stuffs, which is unavailable at anywhere. If you have read anywhere, I mean it.

I think, now you are going to leave this blog. But wait! Let me give an example. Why you open TechCrunch or Mashable so frequently? Because you know that, you will get great information that is unavailable elsewhere.

Yes! You will get the same info but the credit of those articles goes to some blog like Mashable and TechCrunch.

Brand is a passion. Why are you building blog? Why are you reading articles? Why are you riding bike? There is only one answer, passion. If you have passion, you can make a brand. You cannot make a brand professionally.

Brand is a thought, strategy and unique ideas. A brand’s stuffs and the entire strategy should worth. A brand can be a source of quality content but a blog can’t be. Read these above lines twice and try to understand what I want to say.

You are a fool if you are thinking that brand can be live only online. There are so many brands those are working offline. Even a wallet manufacturer can be a brand and that is an optimistic model of offline branding.

I am sure that you have not understood what a brand actually is. That is why now I am going to mention your mistakes in making a brand.

* I have to make a brand. This is the most common thought of a newbie. This thought always goes to fail. When Coca-Cola was made in 1886, they never thought about branding (I guess, I am sure.) don’t think about branding when you are creating a website or starting a startup.
* Be consistence, be patient. There is no guarantee whether you are worthy to make a brand or not. No one can say this. Therefore, be unswerving and just do whatever you have being doing.

After reading everything, you might thinking that when success will be realized by me in making a brand. I would say that, when people will start using your name/ website name/ the name on which you have been working, then you would realize that you have made a brand.

How does people use brand name? Suppose, your have much knowledge about cooking. When your friend asks you for any recipe and you remark a website or blog from where you have learnt that particular dish, that is the success of that website or blog because their name is using as a source and BRANDING means a source of good quality.

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